Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story (на английском языке)

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Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story (на английском языке) Tech journalist Pamela Pfiffner explores the rich history behind the modernpublishing revolution, as seen through the lens of one of its most importantplayers. In the past 20 years, Adobe Systems has become synonymous withgreat design tools, and the company's impact on how we work in publishing,graphic arts, and on the Web is unmatched. Join Pfiffner on a colorfuljourney from the roots of the desktop publishing revolution through the riseof the Web and interactive design. Along the way, you'll witness the birthand evolution of PostScript, the explosion of the Photoshop market, therealization of the paperless office, and other events that have shaped theway we communicate. Inside the Publishing Revolution is not one of those dull historicaltomes you know and loathe from high school. Pfiffner packs its pages withlively, insightful interviews with world-class designers and illustrators,as well as personal insights and recollections from John Warnock, ChuckGeschke, Jonathan Seybold, and other publishing luminaries. Richlyillustrated and beautifully designed, the book features galleries ofhistorically significant work by leading artists and rare photographs fromthe Adobe archives. For added perspective, Pfiffner walks you through anillustrated timeline of the publishing revolution. As with history, thefinal chapter of the Adobe story remains to be written, so the book endswith an eye toward the future: an exclusive overview of the company'svision of publishing in the next decade.

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