Charles F. Goldfarb's XML Handbook (4-th edition) (with 2 CD-ROM) (на английском языке)

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Charles F. Goldfarb's  XML Handbook (4-th edition) (with 2 CD-ROM) (на английском языке) The proven XML resource: applications, products, technologies, and tutorials! Revised and enlarged-latest standards and trends: schemas, datatypes, XSL, voice, wireless Two CD-ROMs: 175 genuinely free software packages, including the IBM alphaWorks suite Web services: SOAP, WSDL, UDDI FREE Trial Version TurboXML IDE & Schema Editor FREE NeoCore XMS Native XML Database—Personal Edition 100,000 copies in print. ADOBE FrameMaker + SGML-FREE TRYOUT. The proven resource for the Semantic Web and Web Services—100,000 copies in six languages! Developers, managers, consultants, and VCs rely on its technical accuracy, accessible writing style, and broad and deep coverage.Learn XML. Start by learning what XML is, why it came to be, how it differs from HTML, and the handful of vital concepts that you must understand to apply XML quickly and successfully—in your business and in your code.Use XML. Experience XML through illustrated discussions of tools and applications: Web services, B2B, B2C, EDI, exchanges, e-commerce, integration, portals, content management, databases, conversion, syndication, telephony, wireless, customization, publication, presentation.Master XML. Master the details from friendly, in-depth presentations: XML, schemas, DTDs, datatypes, XSLT, XSL-FO, XLink, XPath, XPointer, XSDL, namespaces, topic maps, RDF, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, VoiceXML."This book is an excellent starting point where you can learn and experiment with XML. As the inventor of SGML, Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb is one of the most respected authorities on structured information." —From the Foreword by Jean Paoli, Microsoft XML architect and co-editor of the W3C XML specification. 2 CD-ROMs: 175 no-time-limit FREE packages.

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